The F-Balm lands in Regina October 28 2014

The Flux CrossFit gym and School of Human Movement is now putting F-Balm to the test. Stop by, check out this unique gym, and pick up some balm!

Twig and Squirrel's Wild Goods June 04 2014

Jackie at Twig and Squirrel's is happy to be dropping the F-Balm at her beautiful shop, Twig and Squirrel's Wild Goods on 20th St in Saskatoon. This store is full of lots of great, healthy, unique stuff!

F-Balm lands in Saskatoon's Mayfair June 04 2014

Ironman triathlete Joan Cochrane brings F-Balm to her unique, service-focused Medicine Shoppe on 33rd St in Saskatoon.