Suffer from eczema? F-Balm has helped to heal the dry, irritated skin of Lindsey, a health care worker with eczema. June 28 2015

"I absolutely love this product! I have suffered from eczema since I was little. I work in the health care industry so I am constantly washing my hands, which just irritates my eczema even more. I have tried everything from lotions to steroid creams with little to no relief. Since I have found this F-Balm product it has helped my eczema heal and provides the relief I need from dry, irritated skin. I always have a tin with me wherever I go. I highly recommend this product to anyone with sensitive skin or severely dry skin—there is just nothing else out there like it! The proof is in the product and once you try it, nothing else will compare."  

Lindsey, Respiratory Therapist, Calgary 

Photo by Arlington County on VisualHunt / CC BY-SA