Twig and Squirrel's Wild Goods June 04 2014

Jackie at Twig and Squirrel's is happy to be dropping the F-Balm at her beautiful shop, Twig and Squirrel's Wild Goods on 20th St in Saskatoon. This store is full of lots of great, healthy, unique stuff!

F-Balm lands in Saskatoon's Mayfair June 04 2014

Ironman triathlete Joan Cochrane brings F-Balm to her unique, service-focused Medicine Shoppe on 33rd St in Saskatoon.

F-Balm Athlete Jay Holowach at Climbing World Cup Championship! June 01 2014

Bee Lab athlete and die-hard F-Balm fan, Jason Holowach, gives an outstanding performance at the IFSC Climbing World Cup:

The Bee Lab at Bike Doctor Moe's Triathlon June 01 2014

The Bee Lab sponsored The Bike Doctor Moe's Triathlon today--a super-fun race for all levels of triathlete!

Finishing School for Mountain Girls April 26 2014

Bee Lab Botanicals founder Karla Hopp lectures on the benefits of natural skin care at the Finishing School for Mountain Girls. Check out their post here.